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Private Village - know us closer

As usual, before each trip, one should prepare for it. This time it will be the same, however at the beginning we invite you to our online journey. Your visit will start at our Private Village (Prywatna Wieś), where you learn many interesting facts. We believe that it will encourage you to visit us.

Before you start, have yourself a cup of coffee, mute your phone, and sit back and relax. We begin a journey to a place that has existed for a very long time.

Siedlisko Prywatna Wieś

Our offer

  • Discover a place where you can catch a breath, hear the silence and isolate yourself from negative incentives
Our offer
Siedlisko Prywatna Wieś

The Host’s House (Dom Gospodarza)

220 m2, 5 bedrooms, 12 persons, wooden tub

The Host’s House is the largest among our guest houses in Private Village. As befits it’s a real Host's House, both majestic and spacious. The house is an ideal proposition for a larger family or a group of friends who want to spend time together and do not want to give up the sense of intimacy provided by separate, large bedrooms. The smallest is 20 meters! Equally large and comfortable is the kitchen, equipped with everything necessary for full cooking.

Other equipment of the Host's House, as well as its immediate surroundings, also provide many opportunities for relaxation. A fireplace in the living room, a terrace with a unique view of the pond, and something for your health and well-being - a heated wooden tub! All this and family, idyllic atmosphere contribute to the full satisfaction of our guests.

190 metrów, 2 piętrowy, 5 pokoi

Barn House (Dom Stodoła)

150 m2, 4 bathrooms, 8 persons

Barn House (Dom Stodoła) is an atmospheric building with a spacious 50-meter living room, high ceilings up to 2 floors and a cozy entresol. There are 2 private bedrooms and a cozy corner to relax. Equipped with a comfortable armchair and a well-equipped library with lots of books. On the ground floor there is one more bedroom and two bathrooms.

The greatest advantage of Barn House is its large living room with an open space, an open large fireplace and an old tiled stove for baking, e.g. bread or pizza. It gives endless possibilities of arrangement and applications. From family meetings, banqueting together, to successful events with friends and acquaintanceship. There is enough space for every guest! A digital projector on the wall and a gas grill on the large, outdoor terrace create the right atmosphere, conducive to having fun. The interior of the building is decorated in a rustic, warm style, dominated by natural brick.

Dom „Stodoła”, 140 metrów , styl loftowy, 3 sypialnie

Workshop House (Dom Warsztat)

70 m2, 2 bathrooms, 6 persons

Workshop House (Dom Warsztat) was created for a family of four or a group of friends. The building offers everything necessary for comfortable relaxation, without giving up the sense of privacy. The following is provided by a separate entrance and two separate bedrooms. One, richly equipped bathroom at the guest’s disposal.

A well-thought-out relaxation zone is a spacious living room combined with a comfortable kitchenette. Relaxation on cooler evenings will certainly be more pleasant thanks to an efficient fireplace and ... a large supply of wood :)

Dom „Mały”, 70 metrów, 2 sypialnie

Why is it worth visiting our Private Village habitat?

We believe that you love travelling. That you are lovers of beauty in its natural form. You value freedom, and above all you want to live in a beautiful and enjoyable way. Instead of collecting gadgets, do you prefer collecting memories and unforgettable moments? If so, you will experience a lot of them thanks to us. There will be plenty of opportunities for this throughout your stay.


Private Village is surrounded by a lovely forest, rich in mushrooms, berries and multiple number of walking paths.


There are two lakes with marinas and beaches at a distance of 0.8 km from our habitat. The Pluszne Małe and Pluszne Wielkie Lakes are one of the cleanest lakes not only in Masuria region, but also in Poland, which offer diving experiences as one of the few in the region, and is well known to many divers in the country.


Bicycle rentals and water sports favoring active recreation. There are two lakes with marinas and beaches at a distance of 0.8 km from Siedlisko.


The habitat is surrounded by 16 hectares of forests and fields, guaranteeing peace and isolation from other people, as well as being an ideal place for meditation. On bad weather, there is a 3-level water park - Pluski - one of the largest water parks in this part of Poland, 15 km away.

Private Village and its advantages

Are you looking for a great place for a weekend sally with family or friends? Or maybe you are planning a slightly longer trip to rest and regenerate? Regardless of the reason and purpose of the trip, the Private Village habitat is a place worth considering. Why?

Convenient access

Even though the habitat is in the middle of the forest, you can safely get here by car. Convenient national roads, followed by local asphalt roads will lead the way.

Atmospheric architecture

Nature itself is the best architect, the true designer of Siedlisko. We only took care of a few details and thanks to this, the whole is consistent and delightful.

Friendly atmosphere

On site, you can count on our assistance, a helping hand and openness. We are here to make you feel good, rest and to visit us again!

What do we offer at Private Village?

The name of our habitat is not accidental. Private Village is a place that allows you to take a break from the city noise, high pace of everyday life, stress and nerves. Your morning routine instead of videoconferences, e-mails and meetings, will be filled with rustle of trees, a gust of wind and perhaps a deer sneaking past your windows looking for food.

We like to call our habitat the last enclave of peace and nature in the city's jungle. There is no exaggeration in this wording. Still not satisfied? Take a look at the photos of Private Village, and then book the date of your stay with us. Once you see it, you'll love this place forever!

Comfortable accommodation

Telephone coverage
for a sense of security

contact with nature
in the heart of a dense forest

What's on the menu?

Private Village, as the name suggests, is maximum privacy and independence. Also in terms of cooking. It is up to you, dear guests, who shall decide what is on menu. In each building, we provide you with a fully equipped kitchen, and additionally there are barbecues on the terraces. There is also a place for making a bonfire. All this aids preparing meals together, which can be great fun and a form of integrating friends.

Co będziemy jeść?

How can we spend time?

We are not the center of Polish entertainment. You will not find crowded pedestrian streets, noisy bars or souvenir stalls here. Instead, we offer a very scarce product in today's world. Uninterrupted contact with nature, beautiful views and fresh air. We believe that staying in a private village itself will provide plenty of ideas for spending time - surrounded by houses or nature. The number of active leisure opportunities is vast such as a nearby lake with a water equipment rental, beaches, forest paths ideal for walks or the possibility of using our bikes.

Siedlisko Prywatna Wieś

How can our kids spend time?

Your children are also our guests. We care for them as much as we do for you. Especially for your kids, we have prepared comfortable and safe conditions for sleeping and eating. Beds adapted to the age of children, high chairs for feeding, as well as a large selection of toys, board games and books to make evenings inside pleasant. Outside there is also a playground, sandpit, sports recreation area, a mini playground, and a surprise house.

On bad weather days, within 15 km, there is one of the largest water parks in this part of Poland - Pluski, a three-level water park.

Co będą robić nasze dzieci?

What is a Surprise House for children?

Unfortunately, we cannot reveal that. Our surprise house is a special attraction for our youngest guests. During their stay, they have a unique opportunity to discover our Surprise House, with all its secrets and mysteries. And believe us, there are lots of them!

Dom Mały

Where is Private Village?

We are located in the town of Mierki, in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in the Olsztyn poviat and the Olsztynek commune. Mierki is a small town, 6 km away from Olsztynek. Access here is very essy, just take the national road DK 7 connecting Warsaw with Gdańsk to Olsztynek, and then the road to Mieki. The last 3 km of the road to our Private Village is the most picturesque section. The road leads through a dense, picturesque forest, preparing you spiritually and physically for meetings with Siedlisko.

The village of Mierki near Olsztynek,
in the Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship

Access to Olsztynek by national road
DK 7 Warsaw - Gdansk

3 km access road
to Siedlisko through a dense forest

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