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What do we offer at Private Village?

The name of our habitat is not accidental. Private Village is a place that allows you to take a break from the city noise, high pace of everyday life, stress and nerves. Your morning routine instead of videoconferences, e-mails and meetings, will be filled with rustle of trees, a gust of wind and perhaps a deer sneaking past your windows looking for food.

The Host’s House (Dom Gospodarza)

220 m2, 5 bedrooms, 12 persons, wooden tub

The Host’s House is the largest among our guest houses in Private Village. As befits it’s a real Host's House, both majestic and spacious. The house is an ideal proposition for a larger family or a group of friends who want to spend time together and do not want to give up the sense of intimacy provided by separate, large bedrooms. The smallest is 20 meters! Equally large and comfortable is the kitchen, equipped with everything necessary for full cooking.

Other equipment of the Host's House, as well as its immediate surroundings, also provide many opportunities for relaxation. A fireplace in the living room, a terrace with a unique view of the pond, and something for your health and well-being - a heated wooden tub! All this and family, idyllic atmosphere contribute to the full satisfaction of our guests.

190 metrów, 2 piętrowy, 5 pokoi

Barn House (Dom Stodoła)

150 m2, 4 bathrooms, 8 persons

Barn House (Dom Stodoła) is an atmospheric building with a spacious 50-meter living room, high ceilings up to 2 floors and a cozy entresol. There are 2 private bedrooms and a cozy corner to relax. Equipped with a comfortable armchair and a well-equipped library with lots of books. On the ground floor there is one more bedroom and two bathrooms.

The greatest advantage of Barn House is its large living room with an open space, an open large fireplace and an old tiled stove for baking, e.g. bread or pizza. It gives endless possibilities of arrangement and applications. From family meetings, banqueting together, to successful events with friends and acquaintanceship. There is enough space for every guest! A digital projector on the wall and a gas grill on the large, outdoor terrace create the right atmosphere, conducive to having fun. The interior of the building is decorated in a rustic, warm style, dominated by natural brick.

Dom „Stodoła”, 140 metrów , styl loftowy, 3 sypialnie

Workshop House (Dom Warsztat)

70 m2, 2 bathrooms, 6 persons

Workshop House (Dom Warsztat) was created for a family of four or a group of friends. The building offers everything necessary for comfortable relaxation, without giving up the sense of privacy. The following is provided by a separate entrance and two separate bedrooms. One, richly equipped bathroom at the guest’s disposal.

A well-thought-out relaxation zone is a spacious living room combined with a comfortable kitchenette. Relaxation on cooler evenings will certainly be more pleasant thanks to an efficient fireplace and ... a large supply of wood :)

Dom „Mały”, 70 metrów, 2 sypialnie
Dom Główny

Miejsce parkingowe dostępne, w pełni wyposażone kuchnie, balia drewniana podgrzewana („Dom Główny” TYLKO NA RAZIE), grill gazowy dla każdego domku.

Podane ceny dotyczą jednej doby za wynajem całego domu.

On request, we provide

Travel bed

Baby bath tub

High chair for feeding

Iron with ironing board

Bicycles (rental for a fee according to the price list)

Extra beds (extra paid)

*Minimalny czas wynajmu domu w sezonie to 7 dni. Sezon rozumie się od pierwszego dnia maja do ostatniego dnia września z wyłączeniem długiego weekendu majowego. Na ten okres cena ustalana indywidualnie pod nr tel. strong +48 512 675 973

**Minimalny czas wynajmu domu poza sezonem to 3 dni. Okres poza sezonem rozumie się od pierwszego dnia października do ostatniego dnia kwietnia z wyłączeniem:

  • Świąt Bożego Narodzenia
  • Sylwestra
  • Świąt Wielkanocnych

W w/w terminach cena ustalana indywidualnie pod nr tel: strong +48 512 675 973

Terms of Service

The owner of the House apologizes for the legal tone of these Regulations, however, a small percentage of guests require clear rules and legal norms during their stay in the House.

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